Imagine the casual atmosphere of a contemporary café, then add in the experience of a gourmet culinary experience, and nî is what you get. nî believes quality is everyone’s right and every meal has the potential to delight. That’s why only the finest ingredients are used and prepared to become eclectic dishes as a live sensation right before customers’ eyes.

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Quality pervades every aspect of nî, from the choice of ingredients to preparation and presentation, in the belief that all senses must be respected and all meals must live up to their potential. nî believes in making gourmet dining a casual and accessible experience. As such, the menu is composed of modern Japanese and authentic Italian dishes presented in an easy to understand and appealing format..


ABC Mall, Verdun, 3rd Floor
Beirut, Lebanon

TEL: +961 1 812 330

Mobile: +961 71-999953

ABC Mall, Dbayeh, Level 4, Highway,
Dbayeh, Metn

TEL: +961 4 520 772

Mobile: +961 71-999952

ABC Mall, Ashrafieh, Level 3,
Beirut, Lebanon

TEL: + 961 1 330 214

Mobile: +961 71-999951

Oakridge Faqra,
Kfardebian, Lebanon

TEL: + 961 9 322461 (2)

Mobile: +961 79 111729

Old Souks,
Batroun, Lebanon

TEL: + 961 6 743374

Mobile: +961 71 100953



Mon - Sun: 10:30am - 12:30am